dimanche 15 novembre 2009

betsy dadd à l'atelier

A wonderful visit from England.
October was marked by the visit of Betsy Dadd, a young and talented artist from England. Betsy's objective was to publish an artist's book (25 copies), while learning the basics of bookbinding and producing her copies during her one month stay in Montreal. If she had not encountered some unfortunate hard disk problems, she would have completed everything easily, that's how dedicated and hard working she was.

In the end, she succeeded in printing seven copies, stamping all her covers as well as binding a few copies.

Her book, entitled "Pencil on Paper, Drawings by Betsy Dadd" presents a series of drawings printed numerically and by hand. The text is by Lyndon Harrison.

To learn the basics of bindery work, Betsy created other unique and original drawings which she compiled into a small book called "One hundred and twenty people": that is how many there are in the book! A gem!

We hope to see her again, soon, here at the studio. A truly refreshing visit!

3 commentaires:

claire a dit…

Est-il possible d'avoir plus de photos de ce livre ?
Quel est le prix ?

betsy dadd a dit…

Dear Claire,
Thanks for showing an interest in the books I have made. If you wanted to email me my address is betsydadd@hotmail.com. I am returning to Montreal in a couple of weeks, but for only one day. I could leave a book behind for you. Do you have a preference of colour?
Thanks then,

betsy dadd a dit…

Bonjour à nouveau Claire,
Quel livre avez-vous été intéressé? J'ai fait un numéro de "Crayon sur papier, qui contient 52 pages de dessins imprimés, et deux dessins originaux. La photo du livre ouvert, dans lequel vous pouvez voir de petites figurines en couleurs, est appelé «cent vingt personnes».