mardi 10 novembre 2015

The Joy of Printing!

It was not a hockey night so there was no game on the radio - just the sound of the press. A quiet evening:  the ink, the paper, the form, the press and me. 
Have you ever heard about the joy of printing?  It is a fabulous affliction. Not enough people get to experience it, in my opinion.
I got my SP15 proof press about fifteen years ago and I first debated whether I should buy it or not. I then asked Marie Lessard, a wonderful illustrator and artist, what she thought about it. She had witnessed artists doing wonders with polymer plates in New York City...
So, I bought it. I moved it...a few times. Some parts repaired thank god for Alain Debanné who knows so much.
At the beginning, I did not know how it worked and knew very little about typography and letterpress other then I loved it. Martin Dufour, RCA, my studio neighbor at the time, had one just like it and a few others, so I got to learn, and experiment and mess up and try again ...for few years. I owe him a lot.

So it was a hockeyless night - just a quiet printing night and a truly fantastic episode of the infectious and simple joy of printing! 
(P.S. picture taken after I cleaned the press!)

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